"No she doesn't. Just sometimes when they run into a problem they ask her for some assistance." Andrea replied, then continued, "You see how she thinks. It's totally out of the box."
"Yea you're right about how she thinks" Max said shaking his head in wonder, "and what she's planning now is really out there when you think of it. The thing is, that it's so crazy that I can't see it not succeeding" he said with a smile.
Andrea smiled in agreement.
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The Wall

Thought I would sit back, relax, and listen to some Lynyrd Skynyrd...

Thanks! But do I have to wear the tin foil on my head? chuckle

Thanks! Hope you also have a happy Sunday!

Figured you might like this, with Lightning being your avi an all.
WOW! Who is she??? What anime?? Love it! Thanks!!
We cleared this up in the free speech thread ages ago.chuckle
Is Lightning fan art from Final fantasy.

Was very busy but still great! Hope you also had a great weekend!

Say again, is it Fridaylollollol
I can just picture the old "Batman and Robin" from the 60's series of them climbing the side of a building and that giraffe pops it's head out lol

I try to have a Kinky Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Titillating Thursday, Freaky Friday, Sexy Saturday, Sensual Sunday, Mellow Monday! Or most times I just have a party for any day during the week that ends in "Y". chuckle rock

Hot! Flexible! Red! A great trio!! Thanks!!
Glad you like them

How you doing!!!wavewavewave
Great as usual and now even better! Love the pic!!

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